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How I came to do what I do

The path of wellness started for me years ago when I was teaching Jr. High science. I was a young teacher carrying a lot of stress around on a daily basis. I was never the type to let go but carried everything from my whole life. I tried to stuff it in corner my frame and it worked well, or well enough...

That is until 3 separate events found me, my wife and unborn child, and my 3 year old son on death's doorstep. I began to question my identity and what my purpose in life truly was. This led me to many doors that I previously refused to open; doors leading to multiple forms of meditation, yoga, reiki energy healing, chakra therapy, ESM, and many others. 

My pursuit remains active and I can't say that I have found my true Self yet, but along this road that I have been traveling, I have found deep peace, love, and contentment that was completely foreign to me before I began. I am frequently confused and have questioned every part of my existence. Many questions remain unanswered but I have learned to find calm and steadiness beneath the unknown. 

It was my students who encouraged me to pursue a certification in meditation. After a few short months of practicing on my own, I began leading short mediations in my classroom for 5-10 minutes each day. The results were astonishing. The students loved to mediate and several thanked me on a regular basis for bringing meditation into the classroom. It was one student at the end of that year however that convinced me that I needed to start teaching meditation more regularly. She approached me on the last day of class and said, "Thank you Mr. Stubbs. you literally saved my life this year." She went on to tell me that I many times the meditations we did in class helped her to recognize the depression she felt and the thoughts of suicide she experienced would pass and that each day, she could look forward to 5-10 minutes of peace. This is when I knew I needed to start sharing what I l was earning on a regular basis. 

So, here I am. I am far from enlightened. I worry far too much. I am fearful. I loose my temper with my kids and wife. I act mindlessly more that I like to admit, and I often eat foods that I know are far from good for my body.  I am a father of 3 young children and a soon to be teenager, and struggle as a parent and husband.

But...I I have learned to be aware, and this has become my saving grace. I have learned to love and be loved. I have learned to speak my truth and soak up the joys of life. I have learned to feel sadness in moments of sorrow and exhilaration in moments of joy. I sit with doubt and play with anger. My thoughts are often wild, crazy, and unmanageable, yet I have learned to love myself in spite of them, and am turning the "ugly" parts of ME into beauty.

This site itself is a part of my journey as preparing it reminds me of how far I've come, and how far I still have to go. 

The purpose of this site is then two-fold; to continue my own journey and to hopefully be a light to those who are beginning or continuing their own. If there is one thing I can emphasize it is this: Our paths to healing increases in proportion to the help and love you give and receive from others. 

Let's work together for your healing!          


-Jarom Stubbs-

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