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Yoga Nidra Facilitator Course

Yoga Nidra is the art of sleeping while in the awakened state. This ability takes the practitioner into ever increasing states of relaxation and healing states of consciousness where they can rewrite or create the life they are envisioning.  This course not only teaches participants how to practice yoga nidra, but also gives them the tools needed to lead others through the process of yogic sleep.  

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to state the following:

  • I can describe what yoga nidra is  

  • I can explain how yoga nidra affects the brainwaves and how changes in brain activity leads to relaxation and healing

  • I can give a historical account of where yoga nidra originated and how it has changed/evolved throughout the ages

  • I can list and explain the stages of yoga nidra

  • I can explain the principles behind the three bodies, the koshas, and chakra system and how yoga nidra influeces each

  • I possess the knowledge and tools needed to create and implement my own yoga nidra scripts

  • I can define and differentiate between:      

    • sankalpa, intention & goal

    • yoga nidra, sleep, hypnogogia & meditation

    • objective vs. subjective consciousness

  • I can list and explain the contraindications associated with yoga nidra

For those associated with yoga alliance, I am certified to provide continuing education. upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate with 10 contact hours to put toward your re-certification  


3B Yoga

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