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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki?

 Reiki is composed of two Japanese characters; "Rei" and "Ki." "Rei" is the first and denotes spiritual wisdom or the guidance of "spirit" in the healing effort. This spiritual guidance is universal and unlimited in its potential for healing. It is not to be confused with spirit beings, but instead that part of us that is connected with divinity. 

"Ki" is the second character and is the same energy referred to as "chi" in Chinese healing arts, Prana in yoga traditions, "Ti" in Hawaiian, and more recently science has given it the name of "biofield energy."

Ki is the non-physical energy that brings and sustains life to all living beings.  This energy can be manipulated in a variety of techniques including martial arts, yoga, pranayama (breath control), music and sound therapy, and many others. When this life energy is low, we feel down, frustrated, confused, and allow for negative thought processes which ultimately lead to physical or mental sickness. When this energy diminishes and eventually exists the physical body, the physical body dies. When the energy is high, we feel optimistic, confident, well, and ENERGETIC. Reiki is a technique to increase the life force energy while at the same time removing stagnant, lower energy that no longer has the ability to serve our greater good. Because Reiki is guided by spiritual light, it only has the ability to do good and provides only that which the recipient is ready to receive or let go of. Reiki can never harm the recipient.  

What is a session like?  

You will lay on a massage table (fully clothed) with low light and soft, relaxing music playing in the background. I strive to make the environment as relaxing and inviting as possible. 

Each session is unique and varies from one person to the next as the needs and desires are also different. Each session however will follow a general flow. You will be guided through a body scan meditation to help begin the relaxation process. After the body scan, hands are placed on the head, front and back of the torso, legs and feet. The placements are according to what is needed during the treatment but are never intrusive. If you are uncomfortable with physical touch, please mention this prior to your session. Reiki can be transmitted without physical touch and you receive the same benefits. Additionally, there may be instruments, such as drums, singing bowls, etc. to help in the healing efforts. 

There is no set experience that you will have. Many people refer to a reiki treatment as a feeling of peace, love, warmth, and deep relaxation. Often, people have the feeling of falling asleep or entering a higher level of consciousness. As the reiki is transmitted, you may feel intense heat from the hands that are placed or a refreshing coolness. Because reiki is energetic, you may also experience pulsations, tingling, or other physical sensations. It is also normal to not experience any physical sensations at all.

There isn’t anything you need to do during the session except relax and let go as best you can. However, to make your session more enjoyable, you may consider the following: 

  • Come well hydrated and get a good night sleep before your session.

  • Use the restroom prior to lying down.

  • Tell me if there is anything you are uncomfortable with or any physical/emotional needs you may have. 

  • Feel free to ask for a change of music, to converse, or to remain in silence.  ​

Please be aware that reiki practitioners are not doctors and DO NOT have the ability to diagnose physical, emotional, or mental illnesses. The practitioner may recommend practices to help aid in your healing such as drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. 

Although it is common to leave a session feeling refreshed, relaxed, and at ease, some find that they are tired or “low on energy.” If this is the case, you will be encouraged to follow your body’s need and get extra sleep that night. Additionally, reiki energy continues to flow through your system for several days after the session. Please be advised that during this time you may have strong emotions, periodically enter into a dream-like state, or feel unsettled with what is going on in your life. These feeling will pass and are a sign that unneeded energy or stress is leaving your system.


When should I return?  

It is recommended to have regular sessions spread out over a time that fits your needs, schedule, and budget. By receiving these treatments, you will begin to recognize what is beneficial to you and how often you need to return. 

What does reiki cost?  

My sessions are unique to each individuals and are based entirely on the needs of each client. Sessions are typically 1 hour in length and may incorporate multiple healing modalities such as guided meditation, chakra drumming, crystal bowl sound therapy, shamanic drumming/rattling, and, of course, hands on reiki energy. For the complete and customized 60 minutes session, I ask for an investment of $75.


New Client discount:

I'd love for your to come and experience a reiki session. For this reason, I am offering you a discounted rate of only $50. use code, NEWTOREIKI at checkout or pay in person.


Bundle Discount:

I am now offering 3 sessions for $180 that can be used when you are ready. That is a savings of $15/session. There is no expiration for purchased sessions and the sessions can be gifted or shared with others. 

Referral Discount:

I work primarily through referrals and so I want to say thank you by offering a $25 off discount for each friend or family member that receives a reiki session due to your referral. To receive the discount, you must have already received at least one reiki treatment from me. You can accumulate as many referral credits as you are able, but only one credit can be applied per session.    


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