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 Reiki I & II Certification Course

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If you are reading this page, chances are you have been drawn to the practice of Reiki energy work. Maybe you have felt the powerful effect of Reiki yourself or perhaps heard stories of others of its gentle healing effect. Maybe you're looking for a new hobby or side job or maybe your simply looking for techniques for self healing and will never practice on others.
Regardless of your reasons, becoming certified as a Reiki practitioner is the first step in achieving your goals. 
During this two day course, you will come to understand, on a deep level what Reiki is and how it works on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. You will be given an overview of the history of Reiki and learn several techniques of how to use reiki for a variety of situations, including self-healing techniques. You will be given plenty of time to practice and develop your skill. 
It is not required for you to have any experience with Reiki energy, but receiving at least one Reiki treatment prior to taking the course is strongly encouraged. I also recommend a daily practice of mediation to help prepare your mind and body for receiving this energy. 

The class will meet from approximately 9:00 am-6:00pm on Friday and Saturday with a 1 hour lunch break and several shorter breaks throughout the day. See the detailed schedule below:

Friday Schedule: 

-Meet and introduce one another
-Reiki meditation and journaling
-Reiki Talk/discussion : Reiki background and history, Reiki ideals,  How it works, etc.
-Lunch Break: (one hour.)
-Gassho Meditation and practice
-Placement discussion 
-Receive Reiki I placement
-Short Break
-Reiki self-healing techniques
(Self-treatment hand positions, Byosen self-scanning, Reiji-ho)
-Reiki healing for others
-Short break
-Overview of Reiki II 
-Closing Reiki Meditation

Saturday Schedule:

-Greet one another
-Reiki energy clearing technique 
-Reiki meditation and journaling
-Reiki talk: Reiki II symbols in detail
-Lunch break (one hour)
-Test on symbols
-Practice giving Reiki
-Reiki II placement
-Short break
-Practice giving Reiki with symbols 
-Learn and practice additional Reiki healing techniques
-Closing Reiki Meditation
-Discussion of online Reiki support group

February 24-25, 2023

($100 due at registration to hold place. Remaining is due first day of class)

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