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Simple Easy Every Day Meditation™

An easy, natural path to peace and serenity

The SEED technique is a simple, yet powerful method to developing a strong, beneficial practice in meditation. It combines 5 centuries old techniques into one seamless meditation that anyone can master within just a few short weeks.

Scroll down to see all that this course has to offer you.  

What is SEED?

The Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation Method™ is an easy to learn meditation practice that is composed of several ancient and more modern methods that have proven through time and scientific investigation, to be beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit. This technique was developed by world renown meditation instructor Sarah McLean, founder of the McLean Meditation Institute. The practice consists of the following 5 forms of powerful meditation which will be discussed in detail during the course and are listed below:

  • Body awareness or relaxation practice

  • Mindful breathing practice

  • Heart-Centered breathing practice

  • Self-inquiry practice

  • Silent mantra Meditation 

What will you learn?

My belief in meditation is that each participant receives just what they need through their own enlightened self. Entering the stillness of the present moment allows wisdom to flow and come from the subconscious to conscious state. However, I recognize that to hear this guidance, a framework is needed. During the course, I will help build your framework which includes:

  • knowledge of how the mind works​

  • The benefits of meditation and how to access them

  • How to work with "negative" thoughts and behaviors

  • How to befriend our emotions and work with them

  • Mindful practices to keep you grounded in the present moment

  • The SEED Meditation® technique and how to implement it through daily meditation practice


This course will be presented as a zoom representation. If you can't attend in person but would like to register and receive the recording, please indicate this during registration. The recording will be available to you for 1 week once received. If you need it longer, just contact me. 

Optional booklet

Additionally, there is an optional SEED meditation booklet that you can purchase from me or online with additional guidance. This book could be used as a  SEED Meditation study manual to assist you in your leaning. If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, please let me know. The book is an additional $10.  

Dates/times offered:

T/Th February 22 & 24




15% Educator's discount. Use code: "k12education" during sign up. 


For the convenience of those participating, this course will be offered via zoom. You will receive a link when you register to join the class. 

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