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Rites of the Munay-Ki

Growing the luminous energy body

What is the Munay-Ki?

The Munay Ki rites are a series of nine energetic transmissions that are based on the ancient shamanic traditions of the Andes and the Amazon. These powerful rites were brought to the West by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist who studied with traditional healers in South America.


The Munay Ki rites are designed to help us awaken to our true nature as luminous beings and to connect with the wisdom and power of the universe. They are said to awaken and strengthen our energetic centers, or chakras, and to help us become more aligned with our purpose and vision.


The word Munay comes from the Quechua language and means "I love you." It is a reminder of the power of love to transform us and to help us connect with the greater mystery of life. "Ki" is the life-force energy discussed in yoga as prana or, in Chinese medicince, qi.  


The nine Munay Ki rites are:


1. Healer's Rite:

  • Connects you with a lineage of healers who have come before and who are working to heal the planet.

  • Begins the healing process of transformation and evolution

  • gives greater ability to assist others in their healing

  • Helps heal the wounds of the past including the ancestral trauma from the past


2. Bands of Power Rite:

  • Helps you to create a protective shield of energy around you

  • Helps you to stay grounded and centered in the face of challenges.

  • Act as filters to break down negative/unwanted energy and transforms this energy to be used for your benefit


3. Harmony Rite:

  • Helps you to connect with the energy of the natural world and to find greater balance and harmony in your life.

  • Gives the transmission of 7 energetic archetypes into the chakras

  • Awakens, aligns, and balances the chakras on a constant basis. 

4. Seer's Rite:

  • Helps you to awaken/strengthen our intuition and to see beyond the limitations of the physical world.

  • Connects the pathways of the heart, visual cortex, and 3rd eye

  • Connects you with the invisible world of energy and spirit


5. Daykeeper's Rite:

  • Connects you with the energy of the sun and the earth, helping you to stay connected with the cycles of nature.

  • Connects you to the master healers from ancient times

  • Connects you more fully to Mother Earth and all of her children

  • Heals your relationship with the divine feminine, earth, and mother figures


6. Wisdomkeeper's Rite:

  • Helps us to connect with the wisdom of the ancestors and to access the knowledge and insights they have to offer.

  • Heals your relationship with the divine masculine, and all father figures

  • Allows you to step outside of time and taste infinity


7. Earthkeeper's Rite:

  • Helps you to connect with the energy of the earth and to become stronger stewards of the planet.

  • Connects you to the archangels and guardians of the solar system

  • You begin to dream your world into being in the present moment


8. Starkeeper's Rite:

  • Connects you with the energy of the cosmos and helps you to access higher realms of consciousness.

  • Connects us to luminous beings of the future

  • Re-informs and reprograms your DNA 

  • Allows you to begin growing a new body

  • Awakens the Christ and Buddha nature within your consciousness


9. Creator Rite:

  • Helps you to connect with your own creative power and to realize your potential to create a new reality for yourself and for the world.

  • Gives stewardship for all of creation from the smallest microbe to the larges cluster of galaxies

  • Indication that spirit works, not only through you, but as you!

Class Format

As the rites are seeds that need to be developed, the class follows a schedule that allows for the development of each seed by meeting only once per week for 10 weeks. 

The first week will be an introduction and energetic cleansing that will prepare the body, mind, and spirit to receive the rites. After the introduction we will spend each week discussing each rite individually and installing that rite into your energy field. 

Classes are 2 hours each. Weekly assignments including journaling and meditation practices that will help you grow the seeds are done during the week outside of class.


The rites are given in sequential order. If you are unable to attend one week, please let me know ahead of time and we can schedule a 1:1 session for you to receive the rite that you miss. 1:1 sessions are an additional $30 and last1 hour


July 12- Sept 13


For the entire course and materials (manual & pi stone) I ask for an investment of $325. 

Yoga Nidra : Welcome
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