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Finding Presence

A 10 - Week course in mindfulness and meditation

Finding Presence is a 10 week course that covers a wide range of mindfulness principles. Each of the lessons are backed by a large and growing field of research in wellness and personal development. Among these benefits are:


Reducing Symptoms:

Less stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia


Performance, concentration, clarity, decision-making, memory, balance, resilience

Sense of self Self:

acceptance, emotional regulation, self-love 

Each session includes 90 minutes of instruction and guided practice in mindful living and meditation. In addition to the weekly instruction, each participant will receive a 200+ page workbook of optional practices that compliment and enhance each of the 10 lessons.


Below you find the topics of the ten sessions included in the course as well as the assignments from the workbook














 Thursday Evenings

Jan 4 - Mar. 7



7:30 - 9:00pm




$25 off if registered on or before Dec18 (use code earlyreg)

Finding Presence: Welcome
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