Finding Presence

A 10 - Week course in mindfulness and meditation

Finding Presence is a 10 week course that covers a wide range of mindfulness principles. Each of the lessons are backed by a large and growing field of research in wellness and personal development. Among these benefits are:


Reducing Symptoms:

Less stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia


Performance, concentration, clarity, decision-making, memory, balance, resilience

Sense of self Self:

acceptance, emotional regulation, self-love, 

Each session includes 90 minutes of instruction and guided practice in mindful living and meditation. In addition to the weekly instruction, each participant will receive a 200+ page workbook of optional practices that compliment and enhance each of the 10 lessons.


Below you find the topics of the ten sessions included in the course.

Session 1

Introduction to mindfulness


Session 2

Mindfulness of the body


Session 3

Mindfulness of emotions


Session 4

Being with what's difficult


Session 5

Loving-kindness and compassion


Session 6

Communication and leadership


Session 7

Building Resilience


Session 8

Mindfulness for anxiety


Session 9

Mindfulness for work/career


Session 10

Moving forward mindfully

Samples from the 200+ page workbook


Oct. 12th - Dec. 14th; Wednesday Evenings

Exception: Class will NOT be held on Nov. 23th due to Thanksgiving break. It will be rescheduled after discussion with class members).