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Good vs. Evil

What is good? What is evil? and can we know the good without the evil?

-According to Ram Dass, EVIL is that which produces illusion, paranoia, or separateness. GOOD is its opposite, producing awakening, unification, and bringing hope, love, and increased consciousness.

-In this light, we must be aware of our choices and tendencies to call evil, good, and good, evil. The differences are subtle and are found in every system of belief, philosophy, and theology. Anything that causes division based on illusion is evil. Anything that unites based in truth is good.

-For every measure of good, there is an equal and opposite measure of evil. This isn’t theology, it’s basic physics. There is opposition in all things. And, in truth, the good/evil is in balance and constantly works to stabilize itself. Our job isn’t to stabilize the good/evil continuum, but to awaken from the chains of sleepiness (Hell) into the reality of existence (heaven) so we can see the continuum.

-In an awakened society, a celestial order, where all are united as one, love abounds, and consciousness is fully awake. but Is evil absent? I don’t think so. How could it be? To do away with evil would be to take away agency And that is something that no power, force, or God could or would ever do. How then does a society such as this exist?

-When we awaken from the dream we are living, we recognize the full consciousness of good/evil. it is ever before our eyes and we could choose, at any moment, that part which divides and separates. We could choose to go back to sleep. But in doing so, we would be removed from the unity of the whole and expelled (or we expel ourselves) from heaven. We could choose this, but, in reality, would we? We could not stay in heaven without a full understanding and awareness of the evil always before us.

—How do we constantly have good and evil before us and choose the good? This is easy in the the environment described above. Once awake, there is no one or no thing to temp us or to try us. There is nothing we don’t have before our eyes and so there can be no deceit or trickery, no illusions. It takes no effort to remain awake because no force of Illusion is powerful enough to make us desire sleep.

-Do we have to wait till heaven to experience this? Again, I don’t think so. Heaven (celestial glory/kingdom) may be a physical place, but, more importantly, it is also a state of mind and can be experienced, at least to some degree, while living in mortality. Once awakened, we “see” with new eyes. we detect the illusions, the falsehoods, the traps, and snares, but we are no longer enticed by fancy mirrors and the light tricks of illusion.

-O that ye would awake; awake (develop consciousness) from a deep sleep, yea, even from the sleep of hell (non-consciousness), and shake off the awful chains (Illusion/separateness) by which ye are bound, which are the chains which bind the children of men, that they are carried away captive down to the eternal gulf of misery and woe (disunity).

-2nd Nephi 1:13

-Waking up is a process! It starts by simply building awareness of everyday moments and experienced and gradually working our way inward, to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness.

much peace!

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I reread Good vs. Evil again this morning & also Jarom's comments about Fear vs. Anxiety.

They are both powerful to me. They help me look at things in a different light and they make so much sense to me. Thanks for all of your posts Jarom! They really get me thinking more deeply about things. This class is wonderful!!!

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