The shadow self

Anyone on a journey of self discovery or spiritual awakening will encounter the shadow self or what many refer to as the darker side of our true character. I say true character because without the shadow, the beauty of who we are couldn’t shine, as there would be no backdrop for the light to shine on.

I have always been taught that darkness is the absence of light. If this is true, then darkness is the absence of truth as well, as light and truth are synonymous. If light were good and darkness bad however, why are we taught to pray with eyes closed, shutting out the light? Why does inspiration so readily come during the night under cover of darkness? Each of us came into this world following 9 months of darkness under which the miracle of life takes place. Half of our lives are in darkness

Where did the idea that darkness = bad come from?

Maybe it’s because we have judged the darkness and been afraid of it. Maybe, through fear, we’ve created a demon out of an Angel. Maybe we have stepped into the light with our intelligence only, and forgotten the feelings of peace, love, and protection that the darkness has provided. Maybe the darkness increases in “negative” energy only because we treat it with harsh negativity.

Maybe, within the darkness, we find a light (truth) so pure, so bright, so dense and complete, that our limited, mortal intellect simply can’t comprehend it, and so...we turn from it.

Maybe visiting our dark side unveils the light we are searching for, the truth that finally sets us free.


No matter the reason for avoiding it, to be complete is to encounter and embrace the shadow self. To love it, learn from it, and then, once we have done so, choose what is manifest in our lives. This is true agency.

the shadow self is not something to fight against and conquer. It is a beautiful aspect of the eternal soul, to be cherished, nurtured, and well cared for.

Much peace! Take courage! God has not endowed our hearts with fear but with power, love, and a sound mind.

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