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The dark night

Can there be transformation of the self without experiencing a dark night Of the soul? Yes, I believe there can be. To transform means to change from one state to a new, elevated state. Transformation requires sacrifice, the giving up of something we have held dearly. It may be a possession, a belief, a habit, or a behavior. -Transformation is a form of death and rebirth. The pains of death aren’t just physical but emotional, mental, and spiritual as well

-This is why we should meditate on death and learn not to fear it, but embrace it, honor it, and even, dare I say, look forward to it, as it happens on a moment by moment basis. -it is the fear of death that keeps us from our authentic self....from being “reborn”This fear keeps us from God, Jesus, and all of the Holy angels. -The dark night comes when we fight against the changes that are required and inevitable For transformation

-To avoid the dark night is to embrace the changes and release all holds we have on our limited understanding of truth. -To know God is not to comprehend him, but to be one with him.

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