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The dark night

Can there be transformation of the self without experiencing a dark night Of the soul? Yes, I believe there can be. To transform means to change from one state to a new, elevated state. Transformation requires sacrifice, the giving up of something we have held dearly. It may be a possession, a belief, a habit, or a behavior. -Transformation is a form of death and rebirth. The pains of death aren’t just physical but emotional, mental, and spiritual as well

-This is why we should meditate on death and learn not to fear it, but embrace it, honor it, and even, dare I say, look forward to it, as it happens on a moment by moment basis. -it is the fear of death that keeps us from our authentic self....from being “reborn”This fear keeps us from God, Jesus, and all of the Holy angels. -The dark night comes when we fight against the changes that are required and inevitable For transformation

-To avoid the dark night is to embrace the changes and release all holds we have on our limited understanding of truth. -To know God is not to comprehend him, but to be one with him.

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May 01, 2021

That is a good point! Until we are omniscient, omnipresent and all knowing we could never comprehend God in that physical sense but that this doesn't need to impede us from being one with Him as you have defined. I do think this is a huge barrier for many. One might feel, "How can I know God when I can't understand His ways?"

I am glad that there are other levels of knowing and connecting. That is a powerful thing for us to remember especially as the world is waking up to the need for increased unity. My heart aches for those who hope to find unity by focusing solely on differences. While that might be a good place to…


May 01, 2021

I think when we are one with God we do comprehend Him. Perhaps even this is the only way we can. To adopt God's goals for the nurturing and development of ourselves and those around us, we become one with Him because we understand through personal experience His whys. I think we start to comprehend His heart and to see why we are His greatest work and glory.

Connection can be as simple as being understood. I work in customer service and it is interesting to me that the most upsetting thing to people is not being understood and the most meaningful connection happens when people feel seen and heard.

I really like that idea that perhaps we could avoid…

Jarom Stubbs
Jarom Stubbs
May 01, 2021
Replying to

Kiera, Thank you. When I say comprehend, I am referring to the mental capacity we have to comprehend a "thing." I can only comprehend what my experience allows me to understand and therefore can never comprehend another being fully as I cannot mentally understand their view, their interpretations of experience, and their understanding and interpretation of truth. The only way for me to truly know another is to unite my spirit with them; To see as they see, to feel as they feel, to be AS THEY ARE. Comprehension of God, i believe is understanding but only from one point of view. To be ONE is merging one spirit with that of another; that my words are His words, my…

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