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Truth is Oneness!

There is a notion that everyone has their own unique truth, and that if you stick to YOUR truth, you will receive liberation, enlightenment, etc. But can all paths be truth if they do not apply to ALL equally. We all have our paths, that vary, and are as unique as the personalities we exhibit.

Each human being who has been, or will be born to this earth, manifests a portion of divine truth. Our individual paths lead us to manifest that portion of divinity for the benefit of the WHOLE. Living our individual truths alone can bring feelings of peace and calm, but it is not complete truth, and we will always feel a lack, like something isn’t quite complete. Only the collective body (all individual truths being manifest together), will produce truth in its fullness. Without the collective individual truths of each one of us, truth will be fragmented and incomplete. Without each of us being allowed to follow our paths, we will not be able to reach a fullness.

ALL ARE NEEDED! EVERY ETHNICITY, RACE, CULTURE, RELIGION, AND GROUP are critical for us to come to the higher truth of divine light, intelligence, and love. Yes... “individual paths” ARE TRUTH. They are equal and true for all, because, WE ARE ONE! What one individual does, affects the whole. What each neglects to do, affects the whole.

In a quest for a quest for God, we need oneness! we need unity! All voices must be heard! All must be respected! All must be free to express their individual truths and follow their divinely appointed paths. Holding any group down, suppressing their voice, prohibiting them from following their paths, or ALLOWING others to to do the same, HURTS everyone! Without the individual truths (paths followed) of each individual, we all are prevented from a fullness of divine light, truth, and love.

To be united in truth takes an individualized-group effort. Each of us must do the difficult, individual work of searching within ourselves for even the smallest traces of prejudice, bigotry, and racial tendencies toward any group or people, and begin (or continue) the more challenging work of removing such tendencies or ideologies altogether. As we do this, our group effort is magnified and we begin to feel, and live in, the ultimate truth of pure love.

Much Peace!

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May 01, 2021

Personal truth vs. universal truth has been a subject of debate in recent years and I think it is troubling for many people especially those who are seeking personal peace and groups who are deeply religious. I love everything said here because I feel like it seeks to bridge the gap and explain the relationship between the two in a way I haven't yet seen attempted.

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